Personal Safety


Even though it’s not often spoken about, gambling behaviour is becoming more common amongst children and young people. The younger someone starts gambling or gets used to gambling behaviour, the more likely they are to have a problem with gambling later in life.

By being aware of gambling behaviour and getting help early on, you can prevent gambling from becoming a problem in the future.

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Drugs & Alcohol

If you’re at all worried about your drug or alcohol use, whether you think you are addicted or not, it’s important that you reach out for help. Talk to someone you trust about it, whether that’s a friend, parent, teacher or counsellor. If drugs or alcohol are affecting your ability to cope in daily life, then you should see your GP.

This may feel scary, but it is the best way to get help and your doctor won’t judge you.

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Festival Safety

Having fun and getting the most out of your experience is key to a great festival and alongside this, it may also be helpful to think about how to keep yourself and your friends safe.

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On a Night Out

Whilst having a good night out will be at the forefront of your mind, make sure you stay safe. Sadly, when people don’t take their safety seriously they can end up a victim of crime, such as being attacked or mugged.

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Safety in Public

When you are out, especially at night, make sure you look after yourself and your friends. Your chances of being a victim of crime are low but it’s always important to stay alert and aware of dangers when out in public spaces.

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Online Safety

The internet is a brilliant place to connect with others, to be creative, and to discover new things, but it’s important to also understand how to be safe online and when something doesn’t seem right.

By clicking the link below, you’ll find films, games, quizzes and advice to help you use the internet safely, responsibly, and positively.

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