Martin Convey

Vice Principal

I became a teacher because I used to hate school! Schools should be places where learning and laughing go hand-in-hand and I think helping to ensure schools are better is one of the most important jobs you can do! I love teaching English because language is so important to everything we do – it both empowers and inspires us!

Everyone is entitled to a good education and the doors it can open for people are unlimited – being from Stoke-On-Trent channels this passion into ensuring our young people are able to achieve whatever dream they may have – we need great schools in this city, and I truly believe in Haywood as one of those schools. I was even born at Haywood…Hospital.

Being in my current role is great because I can watch different specialist teachers passing on their knowledge (I learn so much!). Also, having conversations with students and seeing them develop as people is one of the best things about my role.

I love watching or playing any sport involving a ball, sport has always been an obsession! Especially following a certain local team who wear (whisper it) red and white stripes…

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Vice Principal