Kath Bradley

Assistant Principal

I love learning and sharing this knowledge with young minds, and started my love of my subject, Science, through my love of sports. When I was younger, I came 2nd in the Great British Championship and 3rd in the English Championship for taekwondo, and played football for Shrewsbury Town!

I have been teaching for a number of years, and in this time have developed a real passion for empowering students with opportunities to make a difference to their community with my role working with our peer leaders, student council, and prefects. It makes me feel so proud and honoured that I get to see the very best from our students making a difference to our school community, helping each other, and supporting peers for a better school experience.

I have lots of hobbies outside of school including travelling and experiencing new cultures and ways of thinking, which is why I feel that all students should have an opportunity of school visits that they would not normally experience outside of school, whether that be a trip to a show, a museum, a tour, or even a trip abroad.

Haywood students, above all else, are loyal and want to achieve the best that they can. For this reason, Haywood Academy is the place for me, and makes me excited to get up every day to love my work!

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Assistant Principal