Cath Hazel

Vice Principal

My choices and education have taken me in different directions but whilst training to be an Accountant at Staffordshire University, I volunteered to coach some students at my previous high school in Maths, my passion for teaching began.  Even when I was in Year 6, my teacher told my parents that “I was a bossy little madam” and that “I was after her job”, so I suppose you could say teaching is in my blood!

I passionately believe that as teachers we should give children access to experiences that they will remember in later life with fondness, and that we set children up with an education that will help and support them in any path they take. Above all, we want our students to be kind and happy at school.

I love working with the students at Haywood as they are fiercely loyal, they have a voice and are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in, and they genuinely appreciate the things we do for them.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling (I once spent a month in Malaysia with students and looked after the elephants, trekked in the jungle and slept in a tent next to tigers), and I enjoy singing and dancing and have performed for Staffordshire in Royal Albert Hall in London.


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