Curriculum Intent – Computing, IT and Business

It is the aim of the Computing and IT department to enable students to develop a broad range of digital literacy skills and knowledge in computing and digital technologies to prepare them to make informed choices about technology in both their personal and professional lives, these are skills that we consider essential in today’s technologically advancing society.  

We wish to instil in students a love of this subject and an understanding that there are no limits to their own development in programming and IT.  We believe that problem solving is an essential skill in all areas of life and we use the strands of computational thinking to aid learners with their Computing and IT studies in order to build independence and resilience in learners.  We provide a safe and supportive learning environment (both in the classroom and in the virtual world) to encourage our students to embrace their mistakes and see initial failures as part of the wider learning experience.

We offer a broad curriculum at KS3, ensuring students have the digital literacy skills to transfer into other subjects across the curriculum and in order to allow students to make the most appropriate choice when choosing what to study at KS4.  We also take very seriously the need to educate students, across Haywood Academy and City College, about staying safe in their online lives, away from the classroom.  We have a responsibility to give guidance on how to work safely on-line so that it will be second nature to carry out all the necessary steps for their own safety as well as those around them. At Haywood Academy and 6th Form, we offer students an ambitious curriculum that is adapted and designed for all students and carefully consider any emotional and special educational needs they may have.  This will allow our young people to take their studies onto KS4 and to Further and Higher education if they desire and ultimately secure a career within a large range of industries.

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