World Book Day 2024

On World Book Day we launched our honesty library in RE2! The library has around 1000 books that have been donated, and include fiction, non-fiction, study guides, maps, books for older readers, and stories to read to younger siblings.

The books can be borrowed by everyone, and we trust our students to return them when they are finished for someone else to enjoy.

On the day, our students also took part in a ‘Marauders Map’ challenge, with over 300 students managing to track down all staff dressed in costumes to receive a chocolate treat and rewards points for completing their map!

Many staff volunteered to dress up in costume, and they were rewarded with a certificate! Awards included, ‘best costume coordinated to their own hair’ (Ms Hancock), ‘most beautiful’ (Mrs Jan), and ‘best horn blowing’ (Mr Convey). You can see Mr Convey doing his best BFG impression on our social media sites if you missed it – go and check it out!