Teaching & Learning

At Haywood Academy our T&L principles set Relentlessly High Expectations, consider Retrieval Practice in our Review strategies, allow the teacher to be the expert with our Ask strategy of Direct Instruction & Questioning, supported by excellent scaffolding and modelling to ensure students make progress through our Show & Do strategies. This is whilst ensuring that we check for understanding at every opportunity with effective Feedback when suitable and necessary to move the learners forward.

We have a supportive developmental culture for all staff through our ‘Professional Growth’ strategy. Our professional growth strategy focuses on 3 distinct areas of T&L, Leadership & Inclusion. All of these pathways replica watches can be accessed by every member of our staff body and staff have a level of autonomy to decide their own professional growth journey.

City Learning Trust are committed to 100 hours of CPD, which is focused on Trust, Academy, Faculty & Individual needs. Providing a suitable and appropriate blend to develop all staff.

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