Steven Langstaff

Assistant Principal

I’ve always loved words and reading, and how books can take you anywhere in the world! Teaching English has enabled me to share that passion for words and creativity, to hopefully inspire the next generation of writers, journalists and critical thinkers.

I love being an Assistant Principal at Haywood as I feel it gives me real opportunities to help students to make the most of their time here, and make their experience memorable and enjoyable. I absolutely love my role running the school’s social media pages as I feel like I get a constant stream of good news – it’s a really heart-warming job that is a constant reminder of why teaching is so important!

I think Haywood students have a great sense of humour and there’s never a dull day in the building. There’s a great sense of justice among our children – they know what’s right and they really do care about one another. At our community events, it’s always fantastic to see everybody pulling together with huge smiles on their faces.

I’ve played the drums since secondary school, and I started guitar during my college days. I also show my passion for English as a writer and performer of poetry, and in 2021 I supported the singer/songwriter Thea Gilmore on her UK tour which was an amazing experience. I’m also a huge football fan and support Hull City – something for which I receive a lot of grief from our students!

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Assistant Principal